Video Drives Marketing Communications

Every day, from mobile devices and desktops, your target audience is choosing to watch online content about organizations, their products, and their services.  If you aren’t using video, you should be. In today’s world of digital marketing, the play button is your most compelling call to action. 


AMS Digital Video 

We produce videos for a wide range of clients, to be used in many different applications: web, mobile, social, broadcast. With expertise in interviewing and on-location filming, we specialize in helping clients tell their stories. We create visual content for social media campaigns, tailored to meet communication objectives. We take great pride in delivering quality creative that is on target, within budget, and effective.

For us, a good video is much more than just drone shots, more than pretty pictures, more than talking heads, more than music.

Video is one of the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal. 

"AMS came up with marketing ideas that I didn't come up with, so in addition to getting great videos you will also get great advice that you might not always think about."
     Abby Johnson, Project Director
     Prospect House and Civil War Museum


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