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We eat, breathe and sleep our art...      

Digital Communications is more an art than a science.  AMS agency principals all have backgrounds in the communication arts, in one form or another, and we have many years' combined experience of hands-on agency work with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, economic development agencies, municipal governments, and businesses.  

AMS Digital (Advance Marketing Services, Inc.) was founded in 1993 as a Minnesota-based Corporation.  We started working on a website the first year the internet became publicly accessible, published it in 1996, and have been working online ever since.  

Throughout AMS Digital’s history much of our work has been for nonprofits, and small businesses. Projects vary in size, program scope, client profile, and objective.  All that experience has prepared us to be comfortable whether working with large and diverse committees, or entrepreneurial sole proprietors. 

If your organization falls into one of these categories, you might want to learn more about our experience...


Key Players

Steve Henning

Director and Digital Strategist

Steve is heavily involved in conceptualization and overseeing online projects for our clients. From video production to website design, he wears many hats. He also brings to the table over 35 years of professional marketing communications experience as an award-winning creative director.


Jackie Henning

Video Producer

Jackie oversees videography and editing at AMS.  In addition to her work as a photographer, Jackie’s background includes owning and running two successful small businesses in the advertising and interior design industries.   


Scott Kiemle

Website and Graphic Design

Scott is a strong art and design professional, offering our clients excellent website and graphics designs.  He draws on almost 35 years' experience in the advertising and publishing industries to provide integrated solutions for a wide variety of applications.


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