what sets us apart: 
we understand nonprofits.

We have many years of experience working with nonprofit agencies.  Our clients include foundations, museums, ministries, arts organizations, and even a privately held educational institution.  And almost 25 years ago our company president helped found a nonprofit that is still thriving.

we understand marketing.  

We also have many years of experience of hands-on marketing, working with Fortune 500 companies, economic development agencies, municipal governments, and businesses.  Before applying our expertise with websites and cameras, we ask the right questions to clarify your objectives, to understand your audience, and help choose the best platforms to carry your message, to define a strategy.

We are storytellers.

With artistic vision, technical ability, and high professional standards AMS Digital Productions helps clients strategically communicate through digital media. We produce video for a wide range of applications: web, mobile, social, broadcast. We understand the unique nuance of each platform, and help clients more successfully communicate within each setting. 

Don't just take our word for it.  Here is a client we have worked with for many years...

Lake Region Arts Council (LRAC) has been our client for several years, since about the time that we started producing Lakes Country Living.