We Know Nonprofits

AMS Digital has a long history of working with nonprofit organizations.

Advance Marketing Services, Inc. (AMS Digital) has been in business since 1993. Our clients have included foundations, museums, ministries, arts organizations, and a privately held educational institution.  We understand nonprofits well. Almost 25 years ago our director helped found a nonprofit, and served as its president for the first 12 years; today it is still thriving and active.  AMS Digital is proud to be an Associate Member of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits.

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“I love how AMS Digital approaches a project; it’s always visually appealing and I know that’s going to make it more interesting for the viewer. The staff are so accommodating and so easy to work with, and always open to ideas, I know I’m always going to get a quality product.”

Sheri Boom Holm, Director of Communications
West Central Initiative

“Reach out to AMS Digital.  They do great work, and they can help you tell your story.  We’re so glad we did.”

Tammy Anderson, Director of Development
Productive Alternatives, Inc.

“They (AMS Digital) are excellent at telling our story in an attractive, professional, and pleasing way to our constituents. As a director of a nonprofit, I really am confident and happy in their skills to give us a social presence and not require a whole lot of work from me."

Maxine Adams, Executive Director
Lake Region Arts Council


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